Planning your coaching and leadership progression - mentoring (witchcraft!)

06 Feb

Planning your coaching and leadership progression - mentoring (witchcraft!)

I am lucky enough to do a lot of mentoring of aspirant coaches and leaders.  I try to do this face to face, over a brew and cake after paddling.  It almost always involves cake.  I am a big fan of 'Headology', the preferred magic of Terry Prachett's Disc World witches. Headology  is a kind of practical psychology.  It is based upon the notion that generally speaking, people are what they think they are.  There is no need for the witches to use 'real' magic (turning people in to frogs for example); if people think you are a witch, you might as well be one.  I probably learnt more about coaching and mentoring from Terry Prachett than any coaching course, or book. 

Prachett's witches have a robust set of principles -

- Being good rather than being nice. 

- Trading, rather than selling your services.  This isn't about money, it is about the idea that mentoring is a two way deal.  The mentor and mentee both benefit from the arrangement. 

- A reliance on second sight and third thoughts. It is all about the relationship and interconnections between the person you are coaching or mentoring, and their context. 

Above all the witches (Coaches!)  are interested in stories, the unique narrative of where a person is at, how they got there, their levels of readiness.  It is all about personal context, how that person seeks and creates meaning in the things they do and aspire to do.

These are some thoughts that lie behind my approach to developing paddlers, coaches and leaders.  If you would like to chat about your progression,  and start to put together a plan to work on your goals and intentions,  email me or drop me a message on Facebook 

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